Fortnite's new season adds Spider-Gwen and goopy chrome

- Fortnite's new season, Chapter 3: Season 4, has launched today with a new substance called chrome which has various abilities such as temporary fire immunity and faster sprinting.

-Sniper rifles have been buffed, increasing damage and headshot multipliers.

- There is a new battle pass with lots of characters to unlock, including Spider-Gwen, Paradigm, a hipster cat, a strange bear creature, a werewolf, and an anime skin.

- President Biden says “the pandemic is over” but that's not his call - the “end” of the pandemic won't come from one person declaring it so even if that person is a world leader.

-Epic just released the latest season of Fortnite , which adds new locations, weapons, and a character played by Brie Larson.

-The Fifth Circuit really blew up the First Amendment by upholding the Texas social media law.

-Tom Persky of is the last person standing in the floppy disk business.

- Tim Cook won't fix the green bubbles and SMS fallback that comes with texting Android users from your iPhone using iMessage.