What Is A Du Refi Plus Loan

What is the Fannie Mae refinance plus (du Refi plus)?

The Fannie Mae refinance plus (du refi plus) program. Fannie Mae Refi Plus (also known as Fannie Mae Refinance Plus and FNMA du Refi Plus) is the HARP or Home Affordable Refinance Program offered through Fannie Mae, or the Federal National Mortgage Association.

What qualifications are needed for the Fannie Mae Refi Plus program?

The biggest (or at least first) qualification for the Fannie Mae Refi Plus Program is that your existing mortgage already be in the Fannie Mae portfolio. As part of the secondary mortgage market, Fannie Mae buys up existing loans in the primary mortgage market.

What is Desktop Underwriter refinance plus?

DURP stands for Desktop Underwriter Refinance Plus. or is Fannie Mae's Underwriting System that will tell you whether or not your qualify for a Home Affordable Refinance Program loan. These findings from Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter tells your loan originator everything they need to know to help you qualify for a new home loan.

What is a Durp loan?

It's easy to get confused (or lost) with all the crazy acronyms in the mortgage business. Simply stated, A DURP is a Fannie Mae HARP refinance. Fannie Mae uses the Desktop Underwriting program to automate underwriting. They also call their HARP loans Refi-Plus.

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